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The first step made in 2015 moved the school in the right direction indeed as far as the opinion of the majority is taken into account. We realise that one direction is not enough and due to that we take up new challenges. One of the most significant was the relocation of our school from the outskirts of the city to the downtown.

We are aware of the fact that the actions improving the level of learning are progressing and bearing fruit. The increase of the pass rate of the school-leaving exam is visible. Our students get better and better results-both the grade-point average and the number of students graduating with honours are increasing.

The programme of the attendance level improvement has resulted in the significant decrease in the number of unexcused absences.

We start the lessons at 9 o’clock which contributed to the reduction of students’ lateness.

We care about good time management, making our lessons dynamic, neutralizing the passive attitudes of students, shaping the key competences and creating the space to ask questions.

The teachers consistently fulfill the model of a good lesson. We make sure that the students know what and why they learn. We put emphasis on a full feedback and use of active methods taking into account different types of intelligence and learning styles.

We care about good time management, making our lessons dynamic, neutralizing the passive attitudes of students, shaping the key competences and creating the space to ask questions.

The space in the classrooms– setting benches „around the teacher” is reorganized. The multimedia boards and overhead projectors, which every classroom is equipped with, are fully used.

We adjust the way of teaching to the type of the type of intelligence, we differnitate the teaching of visual, kinesthetic and auditory styles.

We learn through workshops with the help of memorization techniques and using the screen on the school’s corridor to present issues necessary to broaden students’ knowledge. The information is also placed in various visible places in the school (e.g. on the stairs)

We are a very selected group that implement a pedagogical innovation- keep fit- which is conducted by Miss Katarzyna Gac. The innovation will enrich and broaden students knowledge concerning health and active functioning in their lives. It is going to contribute to the progression of physical fitness, knowledge of  proper nutrition, straggle with being overweight, so the knowledge that is fundamental in the modern world.

Open lessons, based on interdisciplinary learning through experiments, are systematically organized for middle school students.

The school takes care of the patriotic and pro social conduct. Thematic exhibitions and happenings are prepared on every occasion worth commemorating.

The high level of meetings with parents provides an opportunity not only to gain information, but also to establish a close cooperation. We are grateful to all the parents for attending the meetings and being in touch with the teachers .


 The mission of our school

  1. It strives toward a versatile development of the youth.
  2. It creates the conditions suitable for gaining knowledge and upgrading skills, supports both the development of interests and talents as well.
  3. It helps to raise a young woman and man who is sensitive to other people’s needs.
  4. It promotes a healthy lifestyle among students.
  5. Our school prepares students for the life in the democratic society, it also creates a patriotic attitude.
  6. It prepares students for ntering adulthood by teaching them responsibility for their actions.
  7. It cares about rebalancing educational opportunities.
  8. It offers the chance of effective participation in the cultural life.
  9. Our school cooperates with the parents of our students in the process of upbringing.

The vision of our school

  1. Our school is friendly to students, teachers and parents.
  2. It is safe, modern and aesthetic.
  3. It creates conditions for a versatile intellectual and personality development of each of our students.
  4. It supports the development of skills and interests among students.
  5. It cooperates with the local environment.
  6. It interacts with the educational faculties from foreign countries.
  7. It teaches the ability of putting knowledge into practice.
  8. It teaches diligent fulfilment of duties, accuracy, honesty and caring for social property.
  9. It brings up a cultured, tolerant, creative, resourceful and open to other people’s needs man.
  10. It gives the teachers an opportunity to improve their teaching skills and introduce pedagogical innovations.
  11. It engages the parents into the process of building the value system of their children and solving the problems of the school.


The image of VII Secondary School

The Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński Secondary School no 7 in Radom is a state school established 25 years ago. It teaches cooperation, tolerance and respect for others. It emphasises the appropriate relationship among students, parents and teachers. It pays attention to the ability of the efficient usage the knowledge acquired by students. It creates favourable atmosphere of work and provides safety. It enables students to broaden and develop their interests, among others thanks to a well-equipped didactic base. The first aid training and a healthy lifestyle orientation and health promotion are emphasized. Our school takes care of shaping a proper attitude, especially through charity.

While caring about the development of hobbies and interests it offers drama, journalist, film, religious, art, Christian culture, first aid as well as soccer, volleyball, basketball, aerobics and zumba extracurricular activities.

The 7th Secondary School in Radom aims at shaping active, well equipped with knowledge and ready to embrace the adult life young people, whose values involve the truth, goodness and beauty. The characteristic feature of our school has become creating the right atmosphere to capacitate a learning process of artistically gifted students through understanding their sensitivity and appreciating their talent. Among our students you can find artists specilizing in different art forms.The second significant group includes the students of specific educational needs. They also find understanding and assistance. The directions of the work in our school are determined by assumed by us concept based on facilitating the versatile development of our students. To achieve this aim various actions are undertaken promoting the achievements of our school community, both students and graduates, activating students and forming socially desirable attitudes. The outcome of the cooperation with numerous institutions and societies working for the benefit of education, are various extracurricular activities organized outside the building housing our school. These activities are accepted both by the parents of our students and their local partners.

So, our school? Don’t ask, drop in and check it out!

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