In English

Just to let you know what is going on in our school…..


We can say with satisfaction that actions, aiming at advancing the quality of learning,  which have been taken since  September 2015 are bringing great effects. This is visible in the matriculation exam results – 91% (the pass rate has increased by more than 30%). We have also noted an increase of the grade point average from 3.05 to 3.44. The programme  implemented to improve the attendance resulted in the growth from 76% to 83% and a significant decrease in the number of unexcused absences.

The teachers consistently fulfill  “the model of a good lesson „, we make sure that the students know what and why they learn. We put emphasis on full feedback and use of active methods taking into account different types of intelligence.

We care about good time management, making our  lessons dynamic, neutralizing the passive attitudes of students, shaping the key competences and creating the space to ask questions.

The space in the classrooms – setting benches „around the teacher” is  reorganized.  The multimedia boards and overhead projectors , which every classroom is equipped with,  are fully used.

We learn through workshops with the help of memorization techniques  and using the screen on the school’s corridor to present issues necessary to broaden students’ knowledge. The information is also placed in various visible places in the school (e.g. on the stairs or even in the toilets).

Baczyński belongs to a narrow group of schools carrying out  educational innovations. There are 3 of them: „Mathematics for humanists”, Zumba fitness that is, dance and aerobics classes for high school students „,” Biology, geography, chemistry – cross-curricular activities for high school students „.

Erasmus + mobility „The limits of my language are the limits of my world” is the project carried out in our school. In July 2016, the English teachers had a chance to participate in a two-week course in Dublin, aiming at meeting new methods of teaching as well as refreshing the language.  It was a really productive and effective time.  Thanks to the training, the lessons became more original, motivating and effective.

To share ideas with other teachers, a so-called “educational walk” has been introduced. Through observing other lessons we can increase the effectiveness of our work introducing some of the seen methods and forms of teaching.

Open lessons are systematically  organized for middle school students, which are based on interdisciplinary learning through experiments.

The school takes care of the patriotic and prosocial posture . Thematic exhibitions and happenings are prepared on every occasion.

We are  organizers of the game „On the board of the city” which is carried out annually for middle school students from Radom. Both, teachers and students of our school are placed in different parts of the town creating some points to which the participants of the game are to get with the help of a prepared map. Having done the task at each point, they are following the map to complete the whole route as fast as possible.  It is a fantastic chance not only to broaden students’ knowledge, but also to have fun.

We participate in numerous charities. Volunteers cooperate with different organizations such as the Jesus King Catholic Church, the Social Care Center and the charity organization “Arka”. They raise money for sick children as well as people in need.

The high level of meetings with parents provides an opportunity not only to gain information, but also to establish a close cooperation. We are grateful to all the parents for attending the meetings and being in touch with the teachers.





Our school is cool!!

Our school is a cosy public school with the community of about 300 students and the staff of 30 teachers. Our school is considered to be artistic one as the skills and abilities, interests as well as profiles of our classes show: journalistic, law-social, theatrical and medical ones (9 classes altogether).

Our school is a very modern school where everybody has free access to wi-fi. You will find a computer in every classroom and all teachers use either interactive boards or projectors during the lessons. Students can benefit from the theatre room, school radio and school magazine.

There are two foreign languages in our school: English and German. Each class is divided into two groups depending on the level of the students’ knowledge.

Every year teachers of our school update as well as widen the offer of extra classes for students. Therefore, our students can not only attend the classes which help them prepare for the school-leaving exams better, but also art and vocal lessons, IT classes, first aid course and sport meetings.  That wide variety of optional lessons can give our students a unique chance of developing their talents and hobbies.

The students have a chance to study specific English language used in media and medicine. What follows, they develop their sociolinguistic skills as well as vocabulary connected with chemistry and biology.

Art and theatre classes are very popular among our students. They are created to teach how to become an active receiver and participant of cultural events. Taking part in such classes gives students a possibility of widening their vocabulary, training the logical thinking, memory at the same time limiting timidity and fears.

The students’ co-operation with the Jesus King Catholic Church involves staging productions and carol concerts. They take part in the work of the Social Care Center and the charity organization ‚Arka’.

They participate actively in the sittings of the Youth Parliament at the City Council as well as in the meetings with volunteers from AIESEC and American Corner.

In 2012-2013 our school was one of the participants of the project ‚Closer one another’ organized by the Center of Development of Education in Warsaw in cooperation with Israeli National Education Ministry , Polish Institute Yad Vashem in Jerusalem.

The undertaking was aimed at awakening of the intercultural sensitivity, understanding the history of Israeli nation and bringing problems of Israeli young people closer to Polish youth.
Moreover, the school runs the continuous cooperation with the student organization AIESEC working at Warsaw School of Economics. While a one-week stay, volunteers coming from various parts of the world, broaden our students’ knowledge of the customs, traditions and culture of their countries. The school has already hosted students from England, Brazil, Ukraine, Georgia, Singapore, China, Mexico, New Zealand, Columbia, Japan, Turkey and Mauritius. The project “PEACE Cross-cultural Understanding” makes students more aware of the problems such as intolerance, stereotypes and prejudice.

To integrate young people of different social backgrounds and financial situations, language contests, music competitions and sports tournaments are organized annually. Language and sports camps also take place every year. They are to shape students’ personality, proper health habits and without doubt, develop language skills.

The experience acquired during these projects, has made our school community more open – minded, sensitive and eager to undertake other, similar ones.

So, our school? Don’t ask, drop in and check it out!